Other audio services

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Any time you need music for something - whether that be music for an advertisement, podcast theme, radio, TV, on-hold music, even a pop-up ad on the Internet, we can help. In a world where technology can produce musical content now from a text prompt, there is still a need for real humans to create real human experiences in art. That’s where we can really make the difference between bland synthetic sound, and real emotional and connecting musical experience.

Don't settle for synthetic experiences

Real emotional connection comes from real humans.  When you talk to us about music for your project, whatever that may be, we are going to ask you how you want your audience to feel.  No computer will ask you that.  No AI bot will deliver true human feeling.  That's what we do - we help create emotion using one of the most powerful art forms that can do it.  That means you need a human to feel what you want conveyed.  That's what we do.

We've done background music for podcasts that have become iconic.  We've mixed and produced music for dance & theater that brings the audience to tears.  Let us have a shot at your project and let's see what we can do for you.

Sound editing for performance

Getting something to sound right for a dance performance, theater, or any other form is tricky.  It is really obvious when the edits are done poorly and usually the mistakes are due to the person doing them having no formal musical training and understanding of beat structure, key, tempo, etc.  We've been doing sound editing and design for dance troupes throughout the United States for decades and we can help you out too.  Cutting a track to fit a pre-determined time limit or stretching it - we can do it.  Making it sound big and powerful is easy for us.

Music for corporate events

If you are spending huge amounts to put on a large corporate event, and it just has to sound great, don't risk it.  Get a real composer and engineering team to put it together so you get the impact you really need.  Imagine one of your management team winning an award and the music to introduce it is poorly chosen, sounds bad and just doesn't pack the punch.  We see this all the time.  Emotional reaction might not be native in that world to things, but we understand how to motivate through music and how to make things BIG.

Audio for live video

If you are a videographer or you have a team working to film a special event, most of the time you don't realize that it sounds horrible until after it is all done.  A simple microphone on a camera isn't going to cut it.  Sure, you can produce beautiful 4K footage, but if it sounds horrible, it will have a horrible experience.  Our team can record a multi-track high fidelity recording that can be properly mixed afterwards so you get to hear all the instruments, nuanced sounds, etc. without loss and without forcing your audience to have to cringe over the sound.  We can deliver lossless format AIFF files to you that just slot into your video editing suite and will make your entire production shine.

Live sound reinforcement

Although we are predominately a recording studio, our engineering team are probably way over qualified for the average front of house or live sound event.  However sometimes you need that.  You need a team that might not just be able to make something sound great on the night, but can record it on a multi-track system that can sound incredible forever in the future.  Don't risk it - you have no idea if that next performance will be the magical one.  Capture it properly and in the greatest fidelity so it can be mixed later and then release it.