Bookings & Tour requests

Troubled Clef Studios is a private recording studio.  We are not open to the general public, but available for recording your projects on request.  If you are considering coming to San Miguel de Allende and recording at Troubled Clef Studios, you are welcome to CONTACT US to get more information or potentially book the studio.

Not open to the general public

We are not a regular, commercial business.  Consequently the projects we work on are typically done because we believe in the vision of the artist and we open the studio to them to record their best work.  Our US company, Troubled Clef LLC, operates from the USA and will provide commercial audio services to all clients, but our San Miguel de Allende studio is only available to clients that we first build a relationship with.  It is a private recording studio after all.  We would encourage any established artists to come to San Miguel de Allende as an escape from the hustle & bustle of the urban city and we welcome them to visit Troubled Clef Studios and determine if we are a good fit for their recording needs.

Visiting the studio

If you would like to record at Troubled Clef Studios, the first step is to build a relationship with us by filling out the CONTACT US form on this website.  One of our team will reach out to you and talk.  We love the human interaction - we don't believe in faceless AI bots or NPCs.  We are humans like you, and we want to be the place that the best side of your audio vision is realized.  

We do not publish the address of the studio, but if you wish to visit it, we can arrange it.  It is located away from the town of San Miguel de Allende to ensure both anonymity but also away from the noise.  Our goal is to provide a creative utopia for your vision to be realized, but with the technology and resources to ensure you get the best possible results.