Film Scoring

We, at Troubled Clef Studios, are in the "goosebumps" business.  So we designed our facilities to ensure the highest efficacy of goosebumps.  Whether you have a score and need it mixed and produced for your film, or you need a score composed from scratch, we can help.

Full composition services

If you are about to greenlight your project, before you go too far, get the composer involved.  Understanding the emotional flow of your visual art is critical, as is understanding and themeing the characters, the location, scenes, etc.  These things take time to get right.  So the earlier the better.  

Our composition services will deliver to you a full immersively mixed product that your post-production team will love.  But more importantly, we are about total inclusion of the film director in the process throughout.  That's why we designed our control room with large 55" HD screens at the center point of the seated location, with Dolby Atmos immersive speakers around the composer, mix engineer and film director.  Being able to interpret the emotion that is being delivered in the score is critical and our environment is designed both for comfort but also for complete impact.

We also have a large enough live room in the studio that can handle orchestras of up to 15 players.  You may be able to avoid the expense of large sound stages for scoring with Troubled Clef Studios, both because we can handle small orchestral groups but also because we have a massive 5TB+ sample library available.  Not only can we produce custom sound design instruments for your needs, but we can take advantage of sample libraries that deliver the punch and have been used on thousands of major Hollywood blockbuster movies before.

Sound recording, design & foley

You can take advantage of the wealth of technology and tools that we have available to help with the most tricky audio needs of any film or video producer.  We can quickly do automated mixing on our SSL hardware, or manual mixing through our Neve console.  But we understand the process and are fast at it.  That said, no detail is lost in quality for efficiency.  If you need sound design services, we can help.  With all the tools at our disposal, from the 55 microphone collection, to our AIR Studios Montserrat replica live room, and our grand piano, we can ensure that you don't need to send the work away to get it right.

We have both a large live room for ambience, but also a great dead room for vocals and controlled audio.  They interconnect, so both can be used at the same time if needed.

Music for Video Games

Being longtime fans of video games, we understand the importance of tension, shock & impact needed to convey the emotional experience of playing in such an immersive art form.  If you are looking for composed music for your game, talk to us about what we can do.  Or if you have compositions and need them mixed or produced for video games, we can help you there as well.  The natural evolution from a "read only" experience of a film or TV experience to the "read write" experience of being a part of the story and playing a character in that immersive & virtual world needs an approach that can understand the perspective that is now changed in this art form.  We'd love to work with you on your next game project.