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Is this the end of art as we know it? (Page 2 of 2)
(c) 2003 Myles Wakeham

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In technology, I think we have now gone too far. The fact that a computer will give you the rhyming lyric for a song, isn't an aid to a writer in my opinion. I don't care if their rhyming skills are appalling, but I do care if there is nothing human coming through in a song. And I know that if I care about this, so will the listening audience. I'm not going to name the product, but I suggest to all of you emerging artists, that your art is going to be great if you suffer for it. I'm talking about having the worldly experiences of living somewhere foreign, having a bad relationship, confronting death, whatever it is. This is what you draw from, and how you express it in your way is what it is all about. Please don't rely on some machine to do it for you. After all a machine isn't going to have the ability to express just how beautiful a sunrise is, as you are sitting on the side of Mt. Everest, or whatever the point of your song is. Its about you and your human expression that makes a great song.

We have a responsibility as artists to protect art. Without this protection, we won't create anything more than art for consumption sake. Nothing that will outlast us. Nothing that will really show your contribution to humanity. Its not about how many CDs you sell, but about how long your music is heard in history. The only thing that will convey when you are long gone, is the humanity that you bring to your music and the only person who can do this is you - the human.

So put down the computer, and pick up a pencil and paper. Forget the sequencer, and pickup the guitar, or sit at the piano. Delve deep inside of yourself and find what's human. Not what is fabricated or eased because of a damn computer. I want to feel your pain, not be protected from it.


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